Solve your unhappy marriage

Marriage is no joke

Solve your unhappy marriage, A marriage is a lifetime contract. You cannot call quits in the middle. Marriage involves a lot of understanding and stands on the four Ts of marriage i.e. Trust, Talk, Time and Touch. But sometimes these 4 Ts can also be of no help.

Get help to bridge the gap

In order to get the sanity and love in your life back, make this amulet to solve all your problems. The amulet can be made under the guidance of a Tantric who will give you the mantra to be written on the amulet. Follow these simple steps:

  • This amulet should be made after offering your prayers.
  • Have a ritual bath. If you have already taken the ritual bath then there is no need to take it again. Just make an ablution.
  • Dress yourself in neat and clean and a very good dress. Apply a lovely any non-alcoholic perfume (attar or ittra).
  • Get one pure and cleansed paper and ink pen.
  • Write the mantra taken from a Tantric.
  • Remember! You should concentrate and focus your attention and imagination toward your lover. The lover for whom you are taking this pain.
  • Wrap this amulet paper up in any clean polythene or a cloth safely.
  • Keep this love amulet with you safely every time. You can tie it on your right hand also. If you are unable to keep it with you can keep at any safe place under your surveillance. Beware! no one could be able to snatch it away from you.
  • Keep this love amulet out from toilet and bathroom.
  • However, one will see the miraculous effects of this amulet within few days. If you didn’t see the favorable results you have to keep it at least for 40 days. You will surely witness the results within this time duration. After 40 days you can let it flow into the river or a pond. Else you can also put in the well no matter if it is empty or filled with water.

There are a number of spells which can stop your marriage from breaking. There are love spells that can rekindle the love between the spouses. Are you having issues in your marriage? Do you think that your lover is avoiding you and not communicating with you the way he used to? Do you need to call him/her up continuously to keep tabs on them? Is it correct to say that you are in a relationship where you feel your lover is removed from you emotionally and physically? Tantrics and astrologers all over the world have come up with spells and a variety of charms to get back the spark in your love life or marriage. If you are serious about your relationship and want to make it work then chant the spells passionately and with devotion and see the magic happen. Crazy as it sounds, these spells and charms will let you spark an old flame and have them running into your arms in no time.

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